Save the Rails! Is working to prevent removal the rails along the Ulster & Delaware Rail Corridor.

There is Good News and There is Bad News

The recent “good News” for the CMRR is being touted in the media. Event Trains and other  curtailed, limited trains are going to happen for this year. That is good. Somewhat late in season for the best tourist opportunities, but still good news.

The “bad” news part: ‘Certain elements’ of the Ulster County Leadership are using this to look good and perform a sideways attack to continue the  destruction of all rail on the U&D. The push by these elements will be to remove as much steel rails as soon as possible.

This Can NOT be viewed as the end of this Debate.  We Can NOT think the Railroad has been “SAVED” and that we can stop our struggle. The future of All the Rails is still at stake.

The SAVE the RAILS movement must be clear that, while this is good news for the CMRR (or other vendors), it is NOT the goal we are fighting for. It  will NOT save over 75 percent of the rails and will CONSTANTLY put the remaining rail at Jeopardy.

Rail travel to Highmount is still the goal.   Living History is still the goal.


“Save the Rails” Is a group working to prevent removal the rails along all sections of the Ulster & Delaware Rail Corridor.   Ulster County is poised to rip up the historic Ulster & Delaware Railroad Corridor in order to build a trail only. This scheme is ill-advised and ABSOLUTELY not necessary given the fact that the corridor is wide enough to allow shared use by pedestrians and cyclists while saving the rails for use by Tourist/ Historic trains and rail based transit system.



The C-9 Bridge. A popular photo spot for Rail Fans at the MANY favored Rail Events



Some keystone items for this Railway Development include:

* “CULTURAL TOURISM”- historic, scenic access for all. The route itself is historic as is the equipment scenic rail operators lovingly restore. The very rails of this important railway route are historic. The act of removing them is paramount to museum desecration.
* “QUALITY OF LIFE”- more transit options. Modern transit IS an option to the multitude of autos and trucks clogging Rt. 28 going to the new major projects on the corridor, but only if we save the rails. Railroads, even shortlines are “Allies of the Earth”.
* “FUTURE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT” – Where modern trains go, positive development follows. Transit oriented Development in a rural setting will occur, why not here. More tourists, more supporting business. Better more versified transit options, more attractive to people and business.

We thank you for your interest in not only saving our region’s history, but in building our economic future together.



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