PASSENGER TRAINS! Not Just for Cities…

Extending and revitalizing Passenger rail service into more rural areas and connecting smaller cities and communities is necessary for future prosperity.
For one example we have The Empire State Railway Museum in Phoenicia NY on the embattled U&D Railway corridor. This entity as well as the community should become a RAIL based Designation! This can happen in single digit number of years NOT decades !
Here are some other examples and links:


  • *Can a passenger train succeed — and turn a profit — in a region with low-population density? Lynchburg. Virginia, is a test case and passing with flying colors.
  • *Train tracks run through countless rural towns whose only passenger transportation alternative is roads, many of them hazardous. Previous articles in the Yonder have shown just how dangerous rural highways are. According to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, for every 100 million passenger miles, cars have 1.29 fatalities. Passenger trains have .04 fatalities per 100 million passenger miles—that’s 97% less than cars.
  • *It could mean a safer option for those who are hesitant to use a car. It could mean an option that is cheap for travelers and fiscally responsible for the government. And it could mean a way for rural America to get itself back on the long-distance transportation map.
And don’t forget the SMART train in California,to very very shortly to start serving an area similar to ours.